Your Guide To A Stand Out WOW Cover Letter

Transform your cover letter from boring to WOW!

You have Your Guide To A Stand Out Modern Resume. Let’s make a cover letter to go with your resume that WOWs

This concise training breaks down why most cover letters go unread and will take you step by step through the process to craft one that leaves hiring people saying WOW and makes your phone ring for interviews.

Bonuses include:

#1: Professionally Designed Stand Out Modern WOW Cover Letter Template!

Your cover letter will match your Stand Out Modern resume as I’m going to give you a matching template to make you look like the ultimate professional!

Let’s not stop there…

#2: Reference Request Template

How professional will you be when you are asked for references, and you have them ready to go AND they match your resume and cover letter? You’ll impress!


#3: Cover Letter Prompts & Examples
Should you get stuck on what to write, I can get you unstuck, so you can get your cover letter done and on its way to hiring managers with prompts and examples

#4 Thank You Note Templates

To stand out and WOW thank you notes are a MUST. Not sure what to write? I give you some examples in this bonus to get your sincere and memorable thank you out!