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The Magical Difference

Unlike generic, computer-generated resume review services, a real living, breathing human (me!) will review your resume giving you personalized feedback, tips, and suggestions on strategy, content, layout, tailoring your resume to job postings, and more to help you create results like magic!

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In 3 easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to having a resume that gets seen!

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After signing up for a strategy session, you’ll upload your resume and answer a few short questions.

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I’ll review your responses along with your resume prior to our session and put together a plan to help you stand out that we’ll go over together.



Stand Out

After our session, I’ll send you an email with my feedback, tips, and suggestions. And like magic, you’ll be ready to stand out!

Why I Do What I Do 

I went from no hits to 2 hits overnight! The day after I received your feedback I made those tweaks you suggested and I received emails from 2 recruiters asking to connect.


Oh my goodness you have no idea how helpful this was! Well, actually —You probably do but still! Thank you thank you thank you!


OMG! I love you lady! (not in a creepy internet stalker way, but in a job finding fairy kind of way!). The changes suggested are perfect. 


OMG! You’re so very awesome! I really appreciate your advice. You give great feedback and ask great questions. Thank you for the time you took to record your candid critique. So helpful!



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