Bonus 2: Job Search SOS Resume Templates


– DOWNLOAD THE .ZIP FILE by clicking the image or link below for the template you want to use.

Mac: Double-click the file in order to “unzip” it. Save to your desktop or somewhere you will remember. 
Windows: Right-click the file and click Extract All. 

If the above does not work, you can download WinZip for free at or 7Zip at 

Once you download WinZip or 7 Zip, be sure to install it (by double-clicking the file and following the instructions). Then, double-click the file, and it should “unzip” into a few different files/folders. 

If you’re still having trouble, don’t fret! I can send you the files individually let me know!

Click Image or here to download Willow Template Files

Click Image or here to download The Stone Template Files

Click Image or here to download The Gray Template Files

Click image or here to download The Davenport template files

Click Image or here to download The Braveman Template Files

Need help with formatting?  Liisa the designer of these templates is amazing and said to let my people know to just email her if you get stuck on using the templates.  You will find her email in the instructions. 



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