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Meet Rebecca Morgan // Author, Your Guide
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Dr. Rebecca Morgan

Dr. Rebecca Morgan

 Having been there… I said ENOUGH!

No more standing by and watching other people get the  interview. And the job offer.

Having been a hiring manager and a recruiting partner for Disney, I’ve seen my fair share of boring resumes that all look and sound the same. 


Being a bit of a nerd, I became obsessed with finding the secret decoder ring of the job search process, resumes, all of it. 

I then tried it over and over again to land interviews and jobs and then started sharing my success with others on how to do it, and it worked for them, too!

I’ve since worked with hundreds of people across all industries. Sharing my non-traditional, modern approach to package their knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience in a way that stops putting people to sleep. I work with them to turn their resumes into tools to stand out and land interviews.

Your Guide To A Stand Out Modern Resume. Make your resume the one that stops the 6-second scroll and puts you at the top of the “must interview” list. Available on Amazon April 5, 2021.

I had worked tirelessly on my resume and thought it was great and was confused about why I wasn’t getting bites. After Rebecca showed me the light, I literally had nibbles days after incorporating her recommended changes.


Executive Assistant

You are a resume genius!


Program Manager

Rebecca’s advice for overhauling my resume were spot on! She really helped me connect with what my best skills are and which of my skills I actually enjoy doing. She helps bring out your personality so you’re not just a list of boring skills but an actual interesting and approachable person.

Lori Ann


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